What hope does…and another sneak peak at my new book!

What hope does…and another sneak peak at my new book!

We’re nearly there—just over a month away from the launch of my newest book, “Hope: Tethered To An Unwavering God.” As you can imagine, I have been immersed in the theme of hope, which has proven to be incredibly timely in my own life. The ups and downs of life don’t typically come with forewarning, and both the good and the bad can have a tendency to sweep us away if we’re not careful to keep our footing. Hope has been my anchor in this season of life that has come with its fair share (or seemingly unfair at times) of highs and lows.

I wanted to give you all one more sneak peak into “Hope” today by showing you what hope does. Eight of the ten chapters in my new book will highlight one aspect of hope, revealing one thing that hope does. Did you know that hope was active? Did you know that hope moves? To know these truths and to study them in greater depth over this past year has proven successful in filling my own heart with hope, even in the face of what seems to be hopeless.

Here are just a few teasers, a few pieces of hope to carry you through your present struggle of today and the unknowns of your tomorrow. Carry these truths with you. Share these truths with others.

Hope believes the promises of God. Fill your heart with hope today by embracing this truth. Spend a few moments in Psalm 23, reflecting on His promises for you.

Hope illuminates the darkness. There is no place on this earth you could run where God’s light could not find you. His light illuminates the dark places of our lives, bringing hope with its rays. (Psalm 139)

Hope remembers God’s faithfulness. In the midst of heartache, loss, and pain, it is still possible to call to mind the faithfulness of God, and by doing so, it gives us hope to believe that His faithfulness will remain in our present and in our future. (Lamentations 3:21-24)

Hope rebuilds the brokenness. Life hurts, but God heals. He is the Repairer of the walls that have been broken down. He is the Master puzzle builder, putting each piece back in its place, creating something beautiful from the ashes of our defeat. (Isaiah 61:1-3)

Hope embraces God’s presence. It is the promised presence of God that sees us through the hardest trials. Knowing that He will draw near to us in our pain is the sufficient grace we need to know that His power will be made perfect in our weakness. (Isaiah 43:1-3)

Hope rises from the pit. At one point in all of our lives, we were pit dwellers. It was the love of Jesus Christ and His grace that covers our sins that rescued us from the pits in which we once resided. Hope lifts us up out of those pits and sets our feet back on firm ground. (Psalm 30:3)

Hope ignites hope in others. Hope begets hope. Hope fosters hope in others. It’s contagious, and it cannot be contained within the heart of the one who possesses it. Why? Because it is meant to be shared. Hope is meant to spark hope in others. (Romans 15:13)

Hope waits for the promise to be fulfilled. Hope knows that God is true to His Word, whether it has been realized in our lives yet or not. Hope patiently waits through the trials and affliction knowing that the prize for which we wait is worth it all. Jesus is everything. (Romans 12:12)

Hope does, my friends, and these eight truths are just a glimpse at what will be revealed come the end of January with the release of “Hope: Tethered To An Unwavering God.” I “hope” you’re looking forward to it just as much as I am!

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