How long? A look at Psalm 13

Every single time I find myself in a trial or hardship, my tendency is to ask God, “Why?” Anybody else? From the time I was a little child, I’ve needed to know the why behind the what. I think it drove my mom a bit crazy along with most of…

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When the pain remains

I found myself back in a passage of Scripture today that I haven’t visited in awhile. You know those verses that were your lifeline for a season, the very words that saw you safely through the fiercest storms, the deepest pits, and the most difficult struggles? Those verses that etch…

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Lord of the harvest

It was nearly ten years ago now that I first heard that phrase, “Lord of the harvest.” In fact, I sang those words in Gospel Choir at my church, boldly proclaiming God to be who He says He is in His Word. But then tonight, nearly ten years later, sitting…

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Don’t give up

I kind of want to just pick up where we left off yesterday. Sound good? Consider this the continuation of “When faith asks too much.” The end of that sentence—“Don’t give up.” This past weekend, I had the opportunity to have a Bible study with some of my closest girlfriends.…

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