Philemon—Small book, Big message part 3

Welcome back to week three in our study of Philemon! So far, we’ve covered the power of a loving approach in confrontation, the issue of forgiveness, and in last week’s post, I told you that we’d be talking about slavery…but…

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Jude—Small book, Big message part 4

After four weeks of studying this small book with you, it’s a little bittersweet to begin writing this last post on Jude. I have absolutely loved our time in this book of Scripture, and the lessons learned within have been…

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Jude—Small Book, Big Message

Several years ago, I attended a young adults ministry at a local church that spent an entire month teaching through the short books of the Bible. The books of 2 and 3 John, Philemon, and Jude were all on the…

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2019—A Year in His Presence

Happy New Year! I don’t know how you rolled into this new calendar year…beat up, battered, and bruised from 2018 or excited, full of joy, and ready for another 12 months with a clean slate…but we all got here, somehow…

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Lessons from Malachi—part 1

Well, Hello December! How on earth is it almost Christmas?! It seems that time speeds up with each passing year, and I can hardly catch my breath during these weeks leading up to Christmas. You too? I can’t help but…

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Pursuing the New Life in Christ

If there’s anything I love, it’s studying God’s Word. My hope is that in every word I write, hearts will be pointed towards Christ. Every day of my life, I want to be found in pursuit of my King. Will…

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Praying God’s Word for a pure heart

Whenever I get to study God’s Word in depth, it almost always leads to conviction, and I mean that in the best possible way. The Bible is God’s standard for Holy living, and when we choose to expose ourselves to…

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